HAM Repeater Related Tech Downloads

Note that the software files offered on this web page are either shareware or freeware, and are probably copyrighted. The other files presented in this section are copyrighted by their creators, but are shared freely. If there is a readme file in any download, please read it and respect any expressed wishes.

. Repeater Power Point Presentation   From Ed Holloway KØRPT   (Caution: 6+ Meg)
. Repeater Linking Power Point Presentation   From Douglas S. Otoupal N5HYD   (131 kB)
. Memorandum Of Understading – Lincoln (Nebraska) Amateur Radio Club   courtesy of Ed Holloway KØRPT   (32 kB). This memorandum was instrumental in acquiring a site.
. Convert   (152 kB)   A fabulous units converter. Just put the exe file on your desktop and double click on it. Converts Accelleration, Angle, Area, Computer, Concentration, Density, Distance, Energy, Flow, Force, Light, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque and Volume units.
. Mantissa   (19 kB)   A fabulous technical calcualator. Just put the exe file on your desktop and double click on it.
. RF Calculators and Conversions   (550 kB)   A set of RF-related calculators and conversions. Enter some data and it does the work.
. Mo’Slo, Moslo, Mo-Slo (zipped)   (19 kB)   A utility for slowing down a modern computer to run radio programming software. Having a slow computer like a 386 or a 486-33 is better.
. Windows-based Morse code tutor   (481 kB)
. Touch-Tone Utility (zipped)   (80 kB)
. HT600 2-channel to 6-channel converter   (20 kB)   This is a DOS program that upgrades a Motorola HT600 handheld radio from 2 channels to 6 channels.
. VPRINT = Virtual Printer (print to file) (zipped)   (15 kB)   This is a DOS resident program that is used to capture screen shots and printed output from a running DOS program and redirect it to a file on the same computer. This ZIP file includes the executable binary, and a TXT documentation file.
. PRN2FILE = Print to file (zipped)   (14 kB)   This is a DOS resident program that is used to capture any printed output from another DOS program and redirect it to a file on the same computer. This is very handy of you are running and old Motorolas RSS program on a DOS computer and don’t have a printer hooked to it. Simply type in PRN2FILE C:\(some file name).txt [Enter] and the program loads and returns to a C: prompt. Then run your RSS (or any other DOS program). It will think it has a printer attached. Then do your radio programming, including generating any printouts of the radio configurations. When you are done, exit the RSS program and at the C: prompt type PRN2FILE [Enter] (which closes the printed output text file). Then copy the text file to a floppy and then take it to your other computer to print it. Personally, I load it into a word processing program so I can do a little formatting before I print it. This ZIP file includes the SOURCE CODE (!), the executable binary, and a TXT documentation file.
. Another soundblaster-based frequency counter program (zipped)   (103 kB)
. Another soundblaster-based digital oscilloscope program (zipped)   (170 kB)
. Another soundblaster-based sine wave generator program (zipped)   (120 kB)
. Smith Chart   A very nice clean Smith chart diagram as a PDF file  (66 kB)
. Don’t Give Me Any Static   A plaque to hang up in your shack that explains amateur radio to visitors. Published by Cushcraft. (1.1 MB)
. WaveTools Version 1.0   A sound card based package for Windows systems.  By Paul Kellett   (521 kB) This package contains an audio signal generator, a dual trace audio scope, an audio spectrum analyzer, and a stereo VU meter. While it’s a Windows 3.1 program, it runs fine in Win98 and Win2000. Since 99% of what runs under W2K runs under XP, I doubt that there will be any problems.
. WinTone ver 2.2   A DTMF decoder (1.5 MB)
. High Criteria Inc.   This is a link / pointer to the creators of Total Recorder – a package that turns a common sound-card-equipped PC into a logging recorder – useful for using a scanner to monitor a channel for activity. (offsite link)
. Audacity   (offsite link) Audacity is a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can use it to record sound effects (i.e. the original Star Trek intercom whistle, or the Current Affairs “Boing”) for uploading to your repeater controller’s DVR system. For years we used a Western Electric 300-series phone ringer sound as the on-the-air incoming phone sound, then we upgraded to a WeCo 500-series sound. Our autopatch played this sound as it was dialing a number. If you didn’t pay your club dues, you’d get this. And if you don’t recognize this, or this, or this, you are not watching enough old TV shows…

Other Downloads of Interest to Hams
. DJVU viewer for Windows or Mac   DJVU is a graphic file format used similarly to PDF. Several archive sites, notably The Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA), use DJVU. (offsite link)
. Acrobat Reader Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader allows you to download, view and print high-quality PDF-format documents.
. Windows Media Player The free Windows Media Player is a Microsoft application that allows you to view streaming video and audio on the Internet.
. Flash Player The Flash Player allows you to view flash-encoded files.
. QuickTime Player The free QuickTime Player plug-in allows you to view QuickTime-format video, animation, sound and graphic effects.
. GriSoft produces the free AVG AntiVirus program
. Spy Bot Search and Destroy
. Firefox is the better browser….

Daylight Saving Time Patches

U.S. Daylight (a.k.a. “Winter”) Time now starts 3 weeks earlier than the traditional date (1st week of March instead of beginning in April), effective in the year 2007. As a result, the automatic time change feature in Windows won’t happen until 3 weeks after the fact. The patches below will fix Windows to change on the proper dates. These patches only affect the Windows operating system itself. If you use Outlook, another patch (available from Microsoft) is required. Outlook keeps time internally in UTC and converts to local time only for display, using a routine similar to, but separate from, the one in Windows itself (why?). Note that an additional problem remains because MS initially grouped the US and Mexico together in the time zone select dialog in Windows (for example, “US Pacific and Tijuana, Mexico”). Since Mexico, unlike Canada, didn’t follow the U.S. in this daylight time change, either you patch Windows and the U.S. Pacific Time zone shows correctly and Mexico doesn’t. Or you don’t patch to keep Mexico correct and 1/4 of the U.S. incorrect by an hour. This nuisance will only persist for three weeks until the classic date for daylight change. At this point both the US and Mexico will be on daylight time, allowing the same offset to be correct for both. (Microsoft fixed this in the second version of their patch). 2007 Daylight Time Fix for Windows 2000 and XP   (Take “2” of the “unofficial” 2K Patch). Since Microsoft chose to not release any patch for Windows 2000 (which some took as an indication that MS was abandoning those customers), others chose to take up the slack and released patches. This is a local copy of an update that is courtesy of http://www.intelliadmin.com, (a vendor of corporate network management software) and updates Win2K to fix the daylight time change issue. It has been tested and verified on several Windows 2000 machines by the repeater-builder staff. It also is claimed to work on XP installations, although I haven’t tested it, since release 2 of the official Microsoft patch available below works correctly.

Note that after installing this patch on each computer you will have to reset the time using an Internet utility or other means (if nothing else, just manually change the time to the correct time). Resetting the time, even if it is only by one minute, forces Windows to re-compute the offset between UTC time (which the operating system uses internally) and the local time zone (which used for on-screen display). So if the computer is right on time, you will have to bump it ahead a few minutes, then bump it back to the correct time to force it to recompute the offset.

2007 Daylight Time Fix for Windows 98 and ME   Another freebie from http://www.intelliadmin.com, similar to the one above for Win 2K and XP. Again, after installing, force a recompute of the time offset by resetting the time as mentioned above. 2007 Daylight Time Fix for Windows XP (local copy here at repeater-builder)   This is version 2 of the official Microsoft XP Patch which fixes the Mexico problem mentioned above by creating another entry in the Time Zone table for them. Above is a local copy, here is a link to the MS web site. Again, after installing, force a recompute of the time offset by resetting the time as mentioned above.